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Intensive Driving Courses

Are you too Busy to take regular lessons over months and months? Sick and tired of being told your still not ready for your Test?
Then maybe a driving course can solve your problems.
How does this sound, doing all your driving lessons in just two days to six weeks?
It is possible so take control of your FUTURE so get in the driving seat.
We have courses to suit all.

A one week course: Ideal for those with limited time and can take the pressure.

Semi Intensive: spread over two /four weeks ideal if you want to do a more comfortable & leisurely place.

Helping Hand: Ideal if you have mastered the basic elements of vehicle control.

Pick you up: If you are nearing Test standard and require additional training prior to taking the practical test or have had attempted the test.

Length of courses

When you are trying to decide on the length of the course you would require, please bear in mind the more driving lessons you receive, the better driver you will become. All our tuition is follows the officially recommended syllabus for learning to drive laid down by the Driving Standards Agency. It is vital when you make your booking you select the correct length of course because if you can't control the vehicle without verbal or physical assistance from your instructor by the time you reach the end of your course then you aren't obviously up to the required safety standard and you would not be allowed to use your instructor's car on test. If you feel after you have started driving that your intensive course is too short you can ask your instructor for extra "top up" lessons.

10 Hours £355 | 20 Hours £665 | 30 Hours £965 | 40 Hours £1265

All courses include one practical Test at £62. (If you also require a Theory Test just add £25.00 onto the price shown) we do also offer free theory support.