Additional Driving Courses from FUTURE DRIVE

After passing your driving test Your 'FUTURE' DRIVING SCHOOL instructor will be able to provide PASS PLUS training.

Its primary aim is to develop attitudes and skills which can enhance your skills you have recently acquired. Helping to make you a safer driver and giving you more confidence on the road also giving you more experience of different driving conditions.
The Pass Plus was set up by the D.V.S.A to encourage newly qualified driver to undergo further training with an A.D.I instructor.

When driving in Towns & City there more going on like more traffic in rush hour. So dealing with built up areas is somewhat different. Meeting other vehicle or in some cities where having big trams, buses etc.

This all come down to being able to plan your route and making it a less stressful journey and being able to cope .
When driving in rural roads dealing with other road users like horse riders how to approach them.
How to see the hazards also knowing what to do and how to act to deal with the hazards of animal’s pedestrians and farm vehicle.

The skills used when driving on a motor way & dual carriage ways is often quite different from those you have already learned.
You have to drive at a much higher speed, learn how to change lanes safely and contend with entry and exit junctions.
To help you to develop these skills and make you a more confident driver. Your driving instructor will offer a two hour motorway /Dual carriage lesson as part of this course.

If you learn to drive during the day time particularly in the summer it is possible that you gain no experience of driving in the dark or bad weather conditions like ice, snow, wind or rain etc.

The fact is many novice drivers have accidents at night or when it’s there first time driving in the rain, snow or ice.
Being trained on how to get preparation and on the techniques of dealing with these and other aspects of weather i.e. fog, wet roads winds & hot weather etc.


prove that young driver are more susceptible to accidents at night .Also driver that learn to drive in the dark achieve higher pass rates.
So give yourself the experiences and knowledge to deal with different types of roads and conditions.

This is a brief out line of some of what the course covers and much more as follows:

The course

Consist of a minimum of six hours of driver training and is in six modules
Which is on a one to one basis also can be taken as a one day course or over two day to suit your needs.
Throughout the course we will record your progress on a training report form.
When you have successful completed the course you be issued with a certificate of completion.

The PASS PLUS course covers the following modules.

Town Driving
Observations, Judgment & Awareness Eye Contact Consideration for Vulnerable Road Users Keeping Space around Your car

All Weather Driving
Correct Speed Safe Stopping Distances Seeing & Being See In Sleet, Snow & Ice Skidding, Cause & Prevention, Correcting Slow-Speed Skids, Braking On Poor Surfaces, Aquaplaning

Out of Town & Rural Roads
Observation Of The Road Ahead Making Progress Safely Bends, Hill, Uneven Roads, Dead Ground Keeping A Safe Distance From The Vehicle Ahead .Overtaking Safely Being Aware Of & Showing Consideration For Pedestrians, ,Horse ,Animals In The Road ,Farm Entrances & Slow-Moving Vehicles.

Planning Journeys In Advance , Joining & Leaving Motorways , Using Slip Roads Properly And Effectively ,Safe Speeds For Varying Circumstances Effective All- Round Observation , Signs, Signals & Markings ,Overtaking & Lane Discipline , Courtesy Towards Other Road Users,
Motorway Fatigue, Breakdown Procedures, Use of Lights & Hazard Warning Lights, Debris on the Carriageway Crosswinds

Effective Observation, Use of Mirrors & Checking Blind Areas, Judgment& Planning Well Ahead, Safe Separation Distances, Joining& Leaving Due Carriageways, Lane Discipline, Overtaking, Correct Use of Speed

Night Driving
The Importance Of The Correct Use Of Headlights ,Adjusting To Dark Conditions Judging Speed & Distances, Correct Use & Care Of Lights ,Dealing With Dazzle ,Road User Who Can Be Difficult To See ,Parking

By the way an added bonus is when you pass your pass plus you can get up to 30% off your car insurance.
Most insurance companies recognize the pass plus certificate, which is awarded by the Driving Standards Agency.

See your FUTURE DRIVING SCHOOL instructor for details and bookings.